This machine adopts die-cutting style to replace the traditional slotting style. This new and synthetically equipment can finish auto slotting corner-slicing, line-rolling paper dividing at one Adopts exported cambered saw-tooth knife making die-cutting surface smooth and without burr. The gap between the cushion roll and the knife mould roll is adjusted by hand pneumatic adjusting the soft roll to go up and down. The cushion roll adopts mechanical cam path longitudinal moving (40 mm) structure. The whole machine adopts Oldham coupling structure and oil-spraying lubrication with steady dire and prolonged gear service life. Electric adjustment for die-cutting phase with the scale showing the date

Parameter Name Specification
Reamer plate diameter 400
Size 2400
Board area (mm) 1400 x 2400
Slot speed (pieces/ min 0-70
Max slot thickness (mm) 300
Slot width (mm) 7.0
(positive reamer) (mm) 120

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