Chain Feeding Rotary Die-Cutting Machine
Tecnical Specification
Chain feeding rotary die-cutting machine
Whole machine adopts chain feeding system
Roll adopts high quality steel, balance and hard chrome plated
Softcoat automatic repair structure, could be repair 3-4 times, improve rubbermat work-life
Whole machine adopts electric, pneumatic, hydraulic part combination control, safe and high active, could be slit, cutting corner and creasing, one time for finish box
Cutting time could be 8 million to 10 million times
Linear speed automatic compensate structure, when soft roller diameter change, make sure high precision in manufacturing
Upper soft roll adopts mechanical type or hydraulic to control horizontal micro-swing area within 40cm, to relieve wear and not influence die-cutting precision
Die-cutting plate phase adopts planetary gear structure, 360 degree electric adjustment (running and stop all could be digit control
Max. Coverage size mm 1500X2400 1500X2000 | 1270X2400 | 1270X2000
Max. die-cutter area mm 1400X2200 1200X2200 | 1400X1800 | 1200X1800
Max. mechanical speed pieces./min 60 60 | 115 | 115
Chain Feeding Rotary Die-Cutting Machine