Tecnical Specification
Four Axis Lead edge Feeder System
Skip Feeding Setting Available,Can produce Large Size Boxes
Apply Expansion Sets Tight Links,Long years Using with precise printing
Colorful Touch screen Input,Auto "Zero",reposition,Save Time and Boards
Powerful Main Phneumatic Cylinder Lock, make sure machine stable running
Self-Protection system,Machine only running after all sections locked well
Storage with 1200orders data base
Parameter UNIT MODEL
Inner Width mm MSD-405-2600 | MSD-405-2500 | MSD-405-3000
Max Paper Size mm 2500 | 2800 | 3000
Max Printing Size mm 1200X2200 | 1200X2400 | 1200X2600
Interval Feeding Size mm 1600X2400 | 1600X2400 | 1200X1700
Max Speed Pcs/mm 150
Topping Precision mm 0.5
Standard Plate Thickness mm 7.2
Min Slotting Size Slotting type R (mm) 150X150X150X150 | 150X150X150X150 | 150X150X150X150
Min Slotting Size Slotting type L (mm) 230X50X230X60 | 230X50X230X60 2 | 230X50X230X60
Min Slotting Depth mm 320